About Us

With over 50 years of experience in wall-covering, laminate flooring, PVC flooring, parquets and the related interior design equipment, Linum Flex Co. has become a market leader of the industry in Iran, and today we are bringing the most modern and latest designs from the leading brands in a wide range of places in Iran. Our 50-year experience with a progressive trend during the years, represents our intense passion to the beauty and hence the wall-coverings and interior designing products.
This 3rd generation family business has achieved a unique position in decorative industry, owning a half-century experience and a global recognition and now inspired by all things beautiful, we represent elegant and graceful designs from the modern to traditional. With designers specializing in creating textured wallpaper, florals, Damask patterns, resistant laminate flooring made with the natural wood, we try to bring a luxurious sheen to walls and timeless charm to the floors, and beautify the environment.
New sales strategies retrieved from the most modern methods of the big companies, along with qualified, experienced, and high-educated managers, and also expert and trained teams in marketing and advertising, sales department, financial and accounting department, logistics, warehousing and advanced transportation systems has helped this company to stabilize its remarkable presence.
Today, as one of the best companies in distributing and selling decorative products, we present wall-coverings to all professional decorators and decoration shops who are seeking for the best, whether in quality, price or services and we are proud of ourselves on our excellent services.